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Pure Optimism

I know I can't be close, but I'll try my best to reach you

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Pure Optimism is a graphics journal dedicated to showing the icons of one Raychel Walsh, a teenage girl who gets a little obsessed rather easily. She has been making icons for almost three years but still hates the outcome of most of her things. Recently she's been getting into tv a lot more, especially shows such as the OC and House MD. Ask a question, be her friend - she likes friends.

My name is Raychel, not Rachael or Rachelle.
I love my friends.
They are my sun, moon and WORLD
Mess with them and you're messing with me

I try to be there for everyone, no matter what.
Sometimes, I get a little carried away and over affectionate.
It shows that I love them more than anything.
I can be very childish and hyper at the worst of times
But that's why my friends love me, right?

I would never be able to be on my own.
I need my friends and family more than anything
And some people - those who hate me and my way of thinking,
Can just go and Die. Or at least leave me alone, k'z? :P

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I thought you were too screwed up to love anyone. I was wrong. You just couldn't love me.
-- Alison Cameron, HOUSE MD


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